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Live your life well, with Heuro!

Conventional healthcare is over. Enlightened healthcare has just begun!

Our full-spectrum approach to health and wellbeing provides Heuro members with the teams, tools, techniques and technologies revolving around them to increase productivity, performance, retention and motivate a positive workplace culture of wellbeing.

No more confusing copays, travel nor long wait times! This valuable membership provides access to Medical Doctors, Health Coaches, wellness content, courses and personalized feedback – all in-app! Instead of getting lost in a frustrating system, we meet members where they are to guide them to make small changes in everyday life that can result in big achievements in overall health and wellbeing.

The Heuro Health app helps members understand their own medical and lifestyle patterns so they can make better decisions towards living their best lives.


Full Spectrum Health & Wellbeing


Our high rates of engagement stem from our unique approach to engaging Heuro Members with an entire support team. Our Heuro teammates, including Member Engagement Specialists, Wellness Coaches and Clinicians, provide the critical support and advocacy to both members with chronic conditions and the care providers caring for those patients. Heuro teammates are the glue that keeps communication and collaboration on track between members and the many providers being utilized for care.


Heuro provides the most relevant and personalized information, team, tools, techniques and technology to help manage health challenges. We provide relevant and personalized information to help lower healthcare costs of Obesity, Prediabetes, Diabetes, Behavioral Health and more. The Heuro algorithms create triggers across the entire population that allow our coaches and clinicians to meet each member where they are, providing the guidance and virtual care necessary on an individual basis.

With Heuro, managing chronic conditions doesn’t have to be a battle fought alone.

The Heuro Health App

  • Unlimited Access to Doctors +

    Heuro provides members unlimited access to a live doctors and behavioral health through our scheduling system.

  • Health Data Aggregation +

    Heuro aggregates members’ health, wellness and lifestyle information in one secure app. All member information is saved in one safe place for easy access.

  • Unlimited Access to Live Health Coaches +

    Heuro provides members access to a live health coach via phone call or video conference.

  • Provider Search +

    Find a doctor or other healthcare professional near you.

  • Personalized Action Steps +

    Proprietary analytics trigger personalized guidance to achieve a healthier lifestyle and alerts members to risk factors to discuss with a healthcare professional.

  • Health & Wellbeing Content+

    Heuro members have unlimited access to programs & courses in HeuroUniversity and wellness content such as articles, podcasts, meditations and healthy recipes in HeuroToolbox